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Our Artiste for Weds.  Nov. 11th. is Clair Grieg. 

Claire, who lives in Derby, started playing the organ at the age of five. By the age of 12 she had passed the Associate Diploma (With Hons). Continuing her studies she gained the Fellowship Diploma ( With Hons) when she was 16 years of age.

Playing the Wersi organ, Claire started on the Organ circuit in 1998 and averages some 30 Concerts each year.

 In 2004 she produced her first C.D
. First impressions. This, and her latest recording In 2011 Second Time Around , is available at her Concerts.

In 2006 Claire gained a degree in Music and Sport followed in 2008 with an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science . Along with playing on the organ circuit, she teaches music and has set up her own business as a Nutrition and Exercise Consultant.

Claire is part of the team for WERSI DIRECT Ltd and is very well versed in the workings of the Wersi Organs. If you want to know anything about WERSI, just ask Claire !!


Our Artiste for Weds.  Dec. 13th. is John Cooper.

John took an interest in music at the age of 11 years. Whilst taking lessons he was put forward into the Yamaha Electone Festivals and was successful in getting to the England finals. At the age of 16 he left school and was teaching classes for the Yamaha School of Music. He was also active in demonstrating keyboards, piano and organs.

John has always prided himself on making the organ sound like a full Orchestra , Big Band and Theatre Organ. His dream organ has always been the Yamaha EL900m. which he has played for many years.

However, in 2016 John purchased the magnificent Yamaha STAGEA ELS 02c . He spends time on making his musical arrangements unique and full of feeling, using his own rhythms to add that personal touch, playing everything “LIVE“. Never using Multi-Tracking.

John has put together a concert that he feels has something for everyone, from modern day to past classics.

This is the first time John has played for our Society and I am sure we can look forward to an evening of music which will suit all tastes.

Another reason to attend - Yes it's Mince Pie time folks  !!!

Email: secretarysuttoninashfieldorgansociety@virginmedia.com